Seeking excellence in
the built environment.

We are known for fulfilling our client’s vision with respect for the wise use of natural and financial resources.  Our clients include engineers, builders, and developers who know they can trust our team, not only with their professional projects but with their own homes as well. This is why clients continue to come back to us for new projects over and over again.

Award-winning architecture.

Before the Sunsphere became the golden icon shining over the skyline of Knoxville, Ric Mixon held it in his hands. It was his model that would become the only structure of its kind, noted for its unique design in engineering publications. That was in his early career days with Community Tectonics.

More recently, Mixon was entrusted with treasures listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The First Century Bank Building downtown was beautifully transformed by Wystwynd Designs. Constructed in 1925, it is the only high-rise designed by noted architect Charles Barber. The renovation has been described as “an exciting development in an iconic downtown building.”

Iconic renovations of landmark buildings.

The Airplane Service Station is “one of East Tennessee’s last remaining examples of fantastic architecture.” Mixon was brought in to rescue and restore the building to its former glory. This project went on to win awards and garnered national news stories.

The varied projects of Wystwynd Designs are in a class by themselves, each one a uniquely creative expression. The list is endless, and so are the possibilities.