WystWynd Designs seeks excellence in the built environment.  

They are known for fulfilling the client’s vision with respect for the wise use of natural and financial resources.

Where did ‘Wystwynd’ come from? It was an inspiration that came to Ric Mixon, as he set out on an adventure traveling westward to see America. It was a moment of optimism in American history, the Bicentennial. With his diploma and dreams in hand, he set out for the West Coast, top rolled down in his 1967 TR4. As the landscape rolled by, he stopped to take in the beauty of the Mojave Desert. It was there, in this dramatic setting, that the idea of Wystwynd came to him.

He returned home to Tennessee to join Community Tectonics where he developed the models for what would become the Sunsphere, an icon of the landscape of Knoxville and a symbol of the sun and energy that moves the world. As the name implies, the Wystwynd approach to design is refreshing and approachable. Today, Wystwynd Designs is still inspired by design and seeking excellence in the world we create.