Ric Mixon


The WystWynd Design Team is led by founder Ric Mixon, a long-time architect who has specialized training and holds advanced certifications and is a leader in the professional community.

Mixon is an award-winning architect who has served on several national and regional boards of the American Institute of Architects. A LEED AP certified architect, he also completed Earthcraft training which is known for "pairing building science with regional know-how for exquisitely designed and renovated homes, buildings, and communities."

His professional involvement with the East Tennessee Community Design Center and the East Tennessee Housing Development Corporation helped improve the quality of life through design for the region. His early career was influenced by some of the area's respected architects he worked with at Community Tectonics. Since founding Wystwynd Designs in 1983, his firm has completed more than a thousand projects in design, planning, and renovations for commercial, industrial, and residential clients in Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia and Connecticut.

The in-house staff works in concert with a collegial network of consultants in interiors, landscape, architecture, and structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering to bring the "best-fit" suited to the project and client.

"Ultimately, your choice of architect comes down to who you're most comfortable working with," says Mixon. "We build a relationship that improves the design process and the final project."