Kinal Panchal

My strength lies in my bringing up. I was born in a very small town. And I believe in hard work and dedication. I do not take things for granted because I work hard for them.

Having said that, my interest in architecture came from a very early age. Because I enjoy not only designing but creating a different atmosphere with different texture, style and design. It gives new meaning to the space.

A trip around the world and marrying my husband has landed me in Knoxville, TN. Originally from India, while attending middle school in India, I spent most afternoons at my father's office who is a developer, observing and learning how he built buildings and houses. The time I spent on developing sites sparked my passion for architecture.

In 2010, I moved to the United Kingdom to pursue my education, I earned a Master degree in Advanced Architecture and Design from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford UK and my bachelor’s degree in BA (Hons) architecture RIBA Part 1 from Birmingham City University, UK.

Prior to joining WystWynd Designs, I have also worked in several residential and educational projects. I enjoy working with 3D models, 3D printing and creating different 3d drawings with different styles.

When not practicing architecture, I enjoy hiking, traveling, glass painting, yoga, experiencing the Knoxville food scene with my husband and spending time with dogs and birds.