Caleb Brothers


Caleb Brothers discovered architecture in high school when UT brought an architecture program to his school. It was the perfect match for his interests in science and art. He went on to be a top scholar, an Eagle Scout, and became adept at modeling and machinery including milling, laser cutting, and 3D printing. Brothers is a former AIA member and winner of the EURECA Sustainability Award.

Brothers is fluent in architecture and design software and has been sought for his talents in
visualizing and prototyping 3D concepts. At the University of Tennessee, he assisted faculty and students in the development and execution of their projects through various CAM and 3D software programs. He trained in the operation of 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, vacuum formers and water jet cutting machines. His previous experience with a major construction firm gave him a more in-depth understanding of the on-site process and project scheduling.

His work with Wystwynd has deepened his appreciation for what it takes to complete a project, including the thousands of pages of building codes involved. He has enjoyed working on projects like the First Century Bank where he could be involved in taking an historical Beaux-Art building to the bare bones and recreating the interior from start to finish, working with the contractors and owner to develop all the fine details that make it beautiful. That allows him to use his considerable technical skills along with his aesthetic eye for the arts.

He's also enjoyed the challenges and creativity of residential renovations, including a humble brick split level and completely transforming it with modern elegance. He is inspired by the Finnish architect Alva Aalto to give a warmer and more inviting approach to modern architecture.