Jon Colbaugh, Project Architect, NCARB

jonJon Colbaugh is an accomplished architect who has been involved in diverse and ambitious projects from commercial renovations and landmark restorations to neutron facilities, banks, hotels, and condos.

Jon helped transform an abandoned, 14,040-square-foot building with a complete renovation, and now the National College of Business stands out with a modern sense of presence even in a challenged location.  Ayres Hall, a beloved historic on the University of Tennessee campus, was built in 1921. This important restoration was among Jon’s accomplishments as a project team member, prior to joining Wystwynd.  He also previously served on project teams for the Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

For more than a decade, Jon has been instrumental in the design of many of Wystwynd projects including, commercial, institutional, office use, and  residential projects.  He is a 2001 graduate of the University of Tennessee and a member of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards that leads the regulation of the practice of architecture.